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Math Studies e-Test Bank

Exam style questions (Paper 1 and Paper 2) for reinforcement of concepts learned.

A large number of exam style questions for mathematical studies SL. You can search in this web application and create your e-tests and the corresponding mark schemes. They are NOT past exam IB questions.

You can search through all Mathematical Studies questions by:

  1. Topic
    • Number and Algebra
    • Sets Logic and Probability
    • Functions
    • Geometry and Trigonometry
    • Statistics
    • Differential Calculus
    • Financial Mathematics
  2. Paper
    • Paper 1 - Paper 2

The Question Finder contains details of every question. You can check the questions you want to have in a test. Anything you want to print must first be checked. When you select a question in the database, it will appear in a window for review. There is an option to see the mark scheme too.

Check the questions you wish to print. Questions are automatically numbered and formatted before printing.

Available April 2010 - DEMO SOON