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TI84+ e-Learning Course



The TI84 e-learning course has been designed by a team of educators who respond to the needs of the graphic calculator users at the beginner’s and intermediate stage, covering material especially for MATH STUDIES SL, MATH SL and MATH HL.

The increasing reliance of both students and teachers on the use of the graphic calculator in their proceedings constitutes the need for the development of the appropriate level of skills related to that a necessary requirement This digital set of aids aims in developing the practical level of skills required for the sufficient and effective use of the graphic calculator in the field of mathematics and natural sciences. The aids are of interactive nature, allowing the learner to be visually and verbally guided on how to navigate on the numerous functions that a graphic calculator of the latest generation can perform. Ultimately through such a pinpointed guidance the user is enabled to achieve the tasks he is asked for from the requirements of its academic discipline its self. The learner is required through the completion of extensive and diverse hands on practice to develop an immediate and confident relationship with the calculator as a tool which assists him applying new knowledge on unknown situations

Last but not least, the use of such a digital set of aids shows once more that technological applications as such can on a rather straightforward but well focused manner aid learners to master a technological devise on a young age as possible in the most effective and less stressful way.

The TI-84 family

Breakdown of the 83 family (chronological order of release):

  • TI-83: An improved TI-82. Was the first of TI's calculators to have openly allowed assembly functions.
  • TI-83 Plus: Adds Flash to the TI-83 (archive memory and the ability to load Flash Applications)
  • TI-83 Plus Silver Edition: CPU (15MHz instead of 6), preloaded with several Flash Applications , TI Connectivity cable included in the package.
  • TI-84 Plus:
    • Three times the memory of the TI-83 Plus model
    • More than twice the speed of the TI-83 Plus model
    • USB cable included with purchase (built-in USB port,
    • Preloaded Apps
    • Compatible with TI presentation tools

More information about TI84+.

  • TI-84 Plus Silver Edition: the best in this family
    • Nine times the memory of the TI-83 Plus (stores up to 94 Apps)
    • More than twice the speed of the TI-83 Plus
    • USB cable included with purchase - download tons of free Apps and games
    • Comes with access to free downloadable SAT and ACT test prep question and StudyCardsTM
    • Preloaded Periodic Table and Organizer software applications
    • Customizable color faceplates available

More information about TI84+ SE.