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The ibdpmaths.com has been developed by very experienced educators, mostly IB Diploma Programme (www.ibo.org) teachers and examiners. It contains five (5) main categories

Graphics Display Calculator TI84+ + e-Learning Course Math Studies IA Math Project Math Studies Exam Style Questions e-Test Bank Math Studies SL e-Learning Course Student Workbook + Revison Guide
Graphics Display Calculator TI84+ Math Studies IA math project Math Studies Exam Style Questions Math Studies SL Student Workbook + Revision Guide
e-Learning Course e-Book e-Test Bank e-Learning Courses e-books

The ibdpmaths.com is a valid educational resource for the teacher since it provides him with an alternative, friendly user means to enhance his teaching. Its digital and interactive nature, a sound combination of visual and audio aid allow the students either while in class or on his own to be exposed on a different type of learning. Teacher’s work is thus supported in a supplementary way; something that gives the teacher the space and time needed to deal with requirements of rigorously academic syllabi both in terms of knowledge & skills acquisition.

The use of such a digital set of aids shows once more that technological applications as such can on a rather straightforward but well focused manner aid learners to master material on a young age as possible in the most effective and less stressful way.

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